Rob Aretz Pearl Appraiser

Scheduling an Appointment

Days available for consultation by appointment are Monday through Thursday.

Single items and small groups are examined in your presence in the office. You do not leave your jewelry with me unless you choose to do so. Appraisals are by appointment to insure a proper amount of uninterrupted time is allotted to gather enough information and photograph your jewelry for the appraisal.

Large collections can be examined out of the office such as the comfort of your home or bank safety deposit areas.

Fees are based on the characteristics and complexity of your jewelry such as stone sizes, quantity of stones and number of different stones in each item. Fees estimates will vary depending on the estimated time it will require to examine your jewelry and research values.

Fees are not based on value.

When you contact me for an estimate please provide as much information as possible.

Thank you, Rob Aretz

Rob Aretz Diamond Appraiser